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Unofficial Robert Beltran Picture Site


Some of Robert's films.
Click on the titles for links to information about each film

Complete listing and characters below
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1999-Luminarias - Joe
1999-Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force (VG) - Chakotay
1997-Trekkies - Ele mesmo
1996-Managua - Ramon

1995-Nixon - Frank Sturgis
1995-"Star Trek: Voyager" (TV Serie) - Commander Chakotay
1995-Star Trek: Voyager - Caretaker (TV) - Commander Chakotay
1994-Runway One (TV) - Ramon Perez
1994-"Models Inc." (TV Serie)- Lt. Louis Soto
1994-State of Emergency (TV) - Raoul Hernandez
1993-Shadowhunter (TV) - Frank Totsoni
1993-Rio Shannon (TV) - Tito Carson
1992-Stormy Weathers (TV) - Gio
1991-Bugsy - Alejandro
1991-Kiss Me a Killer - Tony Montero
1991-La Pastorela (TV) - Luzbel
1991-"Veronica Clare" (TV Serie) - Duke Rado
1991-The Chase (TV) - Mike Silva
1990-To Die Standing - Lt. Delgado
1990-El Diablo (TV) - El Diablo
1989-Forbidden Sun - Jack (coach)
1989-Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills - Juan
1987-Gaby: A True Story - Luis
1987-Slamdance - Frank
1985-Latino - Eddie Guerrero
1985-"Street Hawk" (TV Serie)
1984-Night of the Comet - Hector Gomez, truck driver
1984-The Mystic Warrior (TV) - Ahbleza
1984-Calendar Girl Murders (TV) - Mooney
1983-Lone Wolf McQuade - Kayo
1983-The Making of 'Lone Wolf McQuade (TV) - Ele mesmo
1982-Eating Raoul - Raoul
1981-Zoot Suit - Lowrider

1993-Lois&Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

27/03/1994-Nš 1.19

Fly Hard


1984-Murder, She Wrote

06/03/1994-Nš 10.16

Time to Die

Frank Garcia

1984-Murder, She Wrote

17/01/1993-Nš 9.12

Double Jeopardy

Father Michael

1988-Midnight Caller

1991-Nš 3.6 e 3.7

Life Without Possibility

Carlos Valenzuela

1990-Shades of L.A.


Burial Ground


1984-Miami Vice