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Q. What is the one thing you would like to see Chakotay do on the show?

A. I'd like to take Janeway by the throat and tell her that she needs to quit looking and checking every planet, star, and what not and get everyone home and quit being so pissed off at everyone. All she needs to do is shut up and sit in that chair of hers and get everyone home.


Q. Is there anything you would like to see done with your character, any development?

A. I'd like to see some development, yeah...around the chest area. It seems to work for actresses. [laughter] It's all a joke, folks, I'm only kidding.



Q: How much input did you as an actor have in the development of your character?

A: Obviously very little,

Q: Were you concerned about your weight?(re Voy. eps. 'The Fight')

RB: Oh yeah, that's true, because at the beginning of the year, before we started, Brannan and Joe Menosky and I had lunch and they said "What would you like your character to do this year, Robert?" I say, "I'm hungry, I'm eating, I don't care. Give me some sex."

Robert Beltran (first officer Chakotay), annoyed that he has no dialogue in this important scene and starving to boot, glances toward a phalanx of Voyager producers and says: "If I can't get any lines, can I at least get some scrambled eggs?"